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Ship Bunkering & Ship Supply

Arrow Star provides complete ship bunkering services to the owners and operators of ships, tugs, and marine fleets within the Caspian Sea ports, along coastline of these ports and at the international waters of Caspian Sea.
Since we commenced the ship bunkering business, Arrow Star has been providing various grades of Fuel Oil to vessels both berthing in and passing through ports and manages to bunker 3 ship refueling a day. The company is proud to make its bunkering services reliable, and provide the best-quality fuel products for competitive rates.

Bunkering and waste disposal services
operate 24/7

Any call in the Ports of Baku, Aktau, Makhachkala, Astrakhan and Turkmenbashi often involves not just unloading and loading a vessel, but replenishment of its lubricant or fuel reserves. Using special recycling facilities, waste disposal services look after disposal of fuel sludge, ship’s rubbish, waste water and chemicals.

Our services include all aspects of Bunkering, Lubricants & Oil Cargo trading. We offer a highly skilled, young and strong team which offers a high-profile service in the bunkering and supply chain sector. We understand the needs and wants of our customers in terms of logistics and quality. Therefore, solid knowledge and right timing is crucial for meeting our obligations and keeping our customers satisfied in all perspective.

Ship Bunkering and Ship Supply Contact Details:
Any service query please email us via Bunkering@arrowstartrading.com or please give a call.
Emil Musayev: P: +994 50 204 08 80 • Emil.musayev@arrowstartrading.com
Vugar Abbasov: P: +994 50 233 28 37 • Vugar.abbasov@arrowstartrading.com
Hafiz Abbasov: P: +994 50 209 11 09 • Hafiz.abbasov@arrowstartrading.com