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Petroleum Products

Our well diversified refinery sources in North Africa, Central Asia, Russia, Belarus and other Eastern European countries enable us to supply tailored grades of light ends: LPG, Gasoline and Naphtha.


We source LPG from Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Algeria. Our border sales cover Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic states and Poland. In addition, we have also expanded our inland LPG distribution business in Ukraine and Turkey, by delivering to the end consumers.
We trade mixed Propane / Butane at agreed proportions as well as fully segregated Propane and Butane.
Our derivatives team prioritizes the convenience of our customers in working with us by offering flexible price quotations and pricing mechanisms in LPG.


We source Gasoline 92, 95 and 98 mainly from Eastern Europe and supply it to Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea countries. Our customers benefit from the cost competitiveness achieved by improved logistics costs and provided flexibility in pricing mechanisms. We are mostly favored by petrol stations due to solutions offered in stock management, which eliminates their price exposure.
We are also active in trading gasoline blending components, such as C5 mix, aromatics, pygas, variety of alcohols, MTBE and additives. We usually deliver these products to one of the main gasoline blending hubs, which is ARA region.


We export most of the naphtha from Russia, Bulgaria and Algeria to our partners in gasoline blending and petrochemicals industries. The size of the export cargoes varies from 6,000 mt to 90,000 mt. Most MR-size cargoes between 30,000 mt and 37,000 mt are delivered either to Mediterranean destination or to Northwest Europe. Furthermore, we consider mostly LR1 size cargoes from 55,000 mt to 60,000 mt and few MR-size cargoes to Brazil.
Our naphtha traders constantly follow the arbitrage position between European and Asian markets to export LR2 size cargoes from 80,000 mt to 90,000 mt, most of which are traded to the Far East countries such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Our middle distillates desk trades the full range of distillates, from jet fuel, gas oil to ULSD. We source middle distillates from Far and Middle East, Russia, Belarus, and Mediterranean Sea. Our traders accommodate the needs of the customers by delivering a wide-range of tonnage from 60 mt up to 90, 000 mt. We lease storage globally, time-charter different size vessels and plan the optimal railway routes to achieve the cost competitiveness and on-time delivery.

Jet Fuel

We source Jet fuel from India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Turkmenistan, Russia, Belarus, Greece and Italy. We supply it to our customers in Eastern Europe and Mediterranean Sea. Key to our success is the ability of the operations team to manage the required quality specifications, be up to date with market regulations and custom clearance processes in different countries. We deliver European and non-European origin Jet A-1, as well as TC-1 to the commercial airlines and government entities.


We source Gasoil from 0.1% sulphur to 0.9% sulphur from Black Sea, Mediterranean sea, Turkmenistan, Russia and Far East. We deliver it to our customers in Black and Mediterranean seas, North Africa, Middle East and ARA region. We utilize our storage capacities and transshipment agreements to deliver the product to our partner traders and end users.


Our traders supply ULSD from Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, India and Mediterranean Sea countries. Having in hand well-diversified sources, we benefit from the physical arbitrage between the markets. We deliver custom-sized ULSD cargoes from 60 mt to 30,000 and offer flexible pricing to our customers.

Our Heavy ends traders deliver a wide spectre of products varying in quality specifications. We manage transcontinental flows by implementing complex logistical solutions. We cover heavy ends trading in Asia, Europe, North Africa and America by delivering to our customers liquid and dry cargoes by multimodal transportation. Heavy ends desk trades Fuel Oil grades, Lubricating oil for multiple purposes, Bitumen and Petroleum Coke.

Fuel Oil

We source a variety of Fuel Oil grades from 1% sulphur to 3.5% sulphur at different viscosity. Our traders source it mainly from Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan and deliver it to our customers in Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic states and ARA region. We are preferred partners for marine bunkering companies due to constant source of supply and flexible pricing mechanisms. We ensure the quality of the product and on-time delivery to our partners in commercial industry.

Lubricating Oil

Our traders supply Base Oils and refined Lubricating oils from Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Middle East and Far East to our customers in Eastern Europe. We cover the variety of Base oils such as SN 150, SN 180, SN 350, SN 500 and also gear lubricants, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, greases, motor oils and lubricants for industrial applications.


We regularly participate in government tenders for providing bitumen to road construction projects, also supply our partners with bitumen for different industrial purposes, sourced from Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. We offer an extensive list of bitumen grades from well diversified sources.

Petroleum Coke

We have a deep expertise in sourcing the Petroleum Coke from Russia, Turkmenistan and Eastern Europe. Our operations team handles a complex logistics routes from 2,000 km up to 12,000 km. We lease storages and have various transportation agreements, which enables us to execute high distance trades within tight timeframes. Our petcoke sources vary from low Sulphur 0.6% to high Sulphur 5% grades. The cargo size varies from 5,000 mt up to 20,000 mt. Our customers base includes partners in USA, China, Turkey, Ukraine and other European counties.
We highly appreciate the quality needs of our customers and apply quality control mechanisms to ensure the compliance with agreed standards. We facilitate sight visits for our customers and report the periodical progress of the deal via photos and data records.