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Our Values

Each edge of the five-pointed star of Arrow Star Trading Logo represents the Core Values of the company.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are innovative in the business. We are keen to bring new ideas and challenge the accepted norms. It is underpinned by our culture of being active listeners and open minded. We practice effective communication within the firm and with our partners to constantly search and identify business opportunities.


We believe and follow the view that a united group outperforms the sum of individual efforts. We appreciate the diversity in views and promote active team discussions to reach the alignment within the team. Effective teamwork is the foundation of our organization and individual commitment to the group is what makes us an effective team.


Our passion for learning and culture of continuous improvement pushes us to surpass ordinary standards. We believe that outstanding performance in this industry is achieved by dedication!
We dedicate our time to constantly learn, search for new ideas, improve the standards and apply them in our daily operations. Thus, we care about the talent development and this is well supported by the company’s strategic planning mechanism and learning & development plan.

Driving Results

Each team member is a locomotive of the business that must drive the performance to achieve the results. We appreciate a relentless effort, accountability and decision making of each employee. Our approach in clear communication of the vision into each planning stage makes us aligned and consistent in the delivery of the business outcomes. Our job is to effectively manage multiple priorities and make sure that things get done on time!


We understand that our intentions, decisions and actions have an impact on the community and natural environment. Being part of this community and led by moral principles, we support the protection of the environment, care about the health & safety and defend human rights. We promote a healthy work environment, so people can enjoy coming to work and take pride in what they do!