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Fleet Technical Management

The efficient Technical Management of our vessels is essential to our operations. Over the past two decades we have established a reputation in the market as owners of versatile modern Ocean, Short Sea and Russian-River trading vessels, providing an excellent service to our customers as well as to our group ship-owning related companies.

Our technical fleet management team backed by the latest technology attests our commitment and dedication to the safe and efficient operation of our ships and ship construction projects and the quality of service to our customers.

Our technical department entirely manages all engineering and nautical aspects of the business from maintenance, new building, planning and supervision, crewing, to the implementation of new legislation under the new and forthcoming global environmental measures and policies.

We believe in continuous education. Every employee, either onshore or offshore, gets initial orientation training before starting his or her tasks. Thereafter, they continue on the job training to optimize their skills and knowledge.

Arrow Star, provides a comprehensive range of ship management services to cargo ship owners worldwide. Our company has at its disposal, professional manpower, both ashore and at sea, operating to internationally recognized quality management standards.

Arrow Star has a concise company policy and is committed to offering first class ship management services with emphasis on safety, pollution prevention and to providing a high standard of on board maintenance at a reasonable cost to owners.

Other essential operating services include commercial management, new-building supervision, shipboard audits, superintendence and insurance.

Ships are inspected at regular intervals by the technical superintendent to ensure a very close follow-up of shipboard activities in order to comply with national and international rules and regulation. Furthermore, computer based systems are used to monitor vessel performance. Data sent by ships is analyzed ashore to optimize vessels speed and consumption performance. Proper insurance instruments are crucial to protect assets from any incidents. We work with Lloyd’s brokers to get best deals and claim service.

Good technical management is not only to repair ships properly but to apply correct planned maintenance to prevent incidents/repair needs. Our target is to apply optimum planned maintenance system with the support of proven software.

Moreover, Arrow Star has the flexibility to meet all owners' needs for periodic technical and accounting reports. We are geared to provide you with any information you require - at any time.

Fleet Management Services

What we can provide:
• Project design to fully meet the demands and budgets of ship owners before signing contracts.
• Resource integration of design companies, equipment suppliers and shipyards, providing one-stop service as a general contractor.
• Technical manager responsible for design quality ensuring that the design meets contract requirements and suits shipyard facilities and management.
• Professional project manager that offers full-process management of the projects, to coordinate among the parties involved.
• Engineering manager sent to shipyards to supervise the shipbuilding.
• After-sale service department providing technical support and supplying spare parts to ships.

Technical Audit Services

Arrow Star can carry out independent safety and ISM audits to ensure that vessel is complying with the necessary safety standards and the company's Safety Management System. These audits can be regular or can be arranged on spot and are likened to health checks for the efficient running of ships.

Sire and CDI vettings are the industry benchmarks for the safety of tank ships. As Thales, we always set our target at the highest safety level. Our experienced staff performs vetting perpetration and pre-vetting inspections for our own and 3rd party ships.

We also offer Technical guidance - covering the range of positioning and survey equipment, with particular attention given to data transfer, recording and reporting.

Reasons to be in touch with Arrow Star for your Fleet Technical Needs

• Keep high technical and safety level of the vessel as per best marine practice
• Plan maintenance system for equipment
• Maintain critical spare parts stock onboard
• Periodical Class surveys and inspections
• Keep vessel readiness for 3rd parties inspection (Vetting, FSC, PSC)
• Prompt troubleshooting to avoid detentions and voyage delays
• Periodical and occasional repairs include dry docking
• Analyses and sustain fuel efficiencies
• Budget control, running cost optimization
• Worldwide contacts with best service companies and suppliers
• Transparency and open-mind cooperation with Owner

Technical Department
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