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Arrow Star’s deep expertise in the derivatives trading grants us an edge in the commodity trading business. We masterpiece derivatives tools to maximize the trade value for our company and our partners. Being highly proficient in mathematics and modelling, we build quantitative strategies to efficiently hedge any exposure to risks. Extensive understanding of the underlying assets of the financial instruments helps us to read through the numbers and choose the optimal hedging strategy. We have a zero tolerance to any price, freight and currency risks.
We trade both ETF (Exchange Traded Futures) and OTC (Over The Counter) products varying from liquid and illiquid petroleum products to petrochemicals. While using foreign exchange derivatives for hedging foreign currency risks, we continuously develop our knowledge into new products and look for an alternative strategy to deliver the highest value to our trading environment.

Our sophisticated use of advanced derivative tools brings flexibility and various opportunities to our partners.
Whenever requested by our partners or required by the structure of the deal, we are able:

1. To convert agreed price from a Formula to Fixed price or vice versa.
2. To convert pricing periods from a month average to any variation of days such as BL or NOR related and vice versa.
3. To provide the trigger optionality in which a partner can partially trigger the price of the commodity based on the market level.
4. To perform commodity trading in any currency including but not limited to USD, EUR, TRY, PLN, RUB, UAH and so on. We can fix exchange rates for the whole cargo at once, or partially as per each trigger.
5. To hedge time spreads of a single product, or price differences across multiple products as well as refinery margins and cracks.

Our Team’s dedication and the drive for perfection lays down a ground for 24/7 accessibility.
We can be reached at: derivatives@arrowstartrading.com