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Arrow Star is always looking for an experienced and determined crew. The importance of maintaining highly skilled personnel onboard our vessels is essential to our operations. If you have a commitment to solid work and would like to join our team of qualified and motivated seafarers, contact our Crewing Department who will be happy to discuss our terms and conditions with you. We look forward to working with you.

We always select the best officers and engineers. After our selection procedure, which includes technical and psychometric tests, we apply general and specific training for each crew based on their duties.

We closely monitor the performance of the crew that we send to ships either in our management or in another management. Based on their performance evaluation we plan new pieces of training.

Fleet’s Crew management service includes a range of activities including, recruitment and selection, training, and management of officers and ratings deployed on a wide array of vessel types.

Contact Our Crewing Team
crewing@arrowstartrading.com or please give a call